Real-Time Tissue Perfusion Monitors

T-Stat® is the first medical device to be labeled as

"sensitive to ischemia"


T-Stat is the first device to be labeled as “sensitive to Ischemia” and has been proven in multiple trials as an easy-to-use and reliable tool for assessing the adequacy of oxygen delivery to tissue. 


The T-Stat VLS Tissue Oximeter provides a continuous, non-invasive and localized measurement, sensitive to regional and global ischemia. T-Stat reports a capillary-weighted oxygen saturation which is closely related to a local venous saturation measure (see "Contribution Of Capillary Venous And Arterial Blood for T-Stat˜).


T-Stat® system overview

The complete Spectros monitoring systems consists
of the T-Stat VLS Tissue Oximeter monitor and any of 5 single use probes designed for specific applications and measurement sites.


Each sensor contains a visible white light source for illuminating the tissue and a fiber optic bundle that transmits directly back to the monitor for real-time results.


buccal sensor
endoscopic sensor
5mm sensor
large surface sensor
small surface sensor

Buccal sensor
The buccal sensor is designed to fit in the mouth to monitor the saturation of the buccal mucosa as a surrogate for GI perfusion.

Endoscopic sensor
The 1.5mm (Endoscopic) sensor is designed to be used in the (5 Fr) instrument channel of an endoscope for assessing local perfusion in the large and small bowel.

5mm sensor
The 5mm sensor is designed to be placed in the esophagus or rectum for continuous GI saturation monitoring. This sensor can also be used through a trocar for spot organ measurements during laparoscopic surgery.

Surface sensors
The easy to place surface sensor is ideal for any skin surface monitoring and is available in two sizes, depending on the size of the skin paddle.